September 6th, 2008

嵐 → you are my shining star
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200 members and counting, 5 icons and requests.

again, thank you. you made me so happy. this community is a witness through my hardships and small victories in self-studying photoshop for sometime now, and with 200 plus members already, my heart is filled with so much gratitude. I know that somehow, most of the people are in here for the resources and exactly for the graphics, but I'm really trying my best to get better.

with this said, here's a teeny tiny batch of animanga icons I experimented with today. I have tried coloring manga for the past few weeks and I'm still no good. they're quite okay though and well, I'm going to work harder.

[x] Comment if taking
[x] Credit to unfinishedcoke. DON'T KNOW HOW TO CREDIT? LEARN HOW!
[x] No Hotlinking!
[x] Do not repost them and claim as yours.

and because of that, I AM TAKING 10 REQUESTS (though I doubt I'll be able to get any request at all. :DDD)

➨ I will only take 3 icon requests per person.
➨ please include 3 pictures (MQ-HQ but HQ is preferred) from any fandom.
➨ if text is wanted, please indicate them too.

I'll be waiting. :D